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Description of website upgrade and notification of new website launch
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      With the development of the company's various undertakings, the influence at home and abroad continues to improve. As an important window for the company's external publicity and the main front for the release of information, the website plays an important role in helping the work. Under the management system of the company, in order to better serve the majority of partners, at the same time to further strengthen the information publicity, the original website was upgraded.

        The new website has integrated and improved some contents of the original website according to the comments and suggestions solicited in the early stage, and at the same time replanned and arranged the contents.

This website has the following features and descriptions:

First, upgrade the old version of the system to improve the efficiency of information transfer.

Two, the website column set to highlight the strength of the company, the company's product planning, industry solutions plate...

Third, sort out the company's external information, publicity and display more targeted.

      The new website was officially launched on March 1, 2023. At the same time, the website construction is a continuous improvement, continuous innovation and perfection of the long-term work, the new version of the website is still under construction, there are still some deficiencies and need to be improved, welcome everyone through various forms of feedback valuable comments and suggestions, so that we can continue to improve and perfect!

      Contact department: Publicity Department

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